Al Mutawa Law Firm

Al Mutawa Law Firm

Al-Mutawa Law Firm includes a highly qualified legal team with extensive experience, and we seek through our team to provide a new and contemporary approach by providing specialized legal services remotely as we work through the use of advanced technology to increase efficiency and quality and save more time and expenses for our clients. We also offer our clients our legal services from Over wide options include individual businesses or extended legal projects.

Legal Services

how do we work

We seek through the technology used to help our clients inside their headquarters, and our client will remain informed of all stages of the legal services provided with clearly detailed reports. The legal work team is collectively linked with the legal services required according to advanced systems, which means increased productivity, high quality and less time to complete all legal work. Our customers can also remotely hold a meeting with specialists, review and exchange files easily and easily from any device and at any time

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Monthly and yearly packages

We have developed a business model that provides legal services with a monthly subscription to clients who wish to obtain business and legal services continuously or intermittently during the year. We work as a strategic partner for business owners, medium and emerging companies, through a flexible model that focuses on providing proactive protection and continuous business support through a legal unit that includes a group of practicing lawyers. Our subscription plans aim to provide legal services with high quality and efficiency, to save more time and expenses for our clients, and to provide More time and expense for our customers

What is the right package for your business?

Review our subscription options below and select the appropriate subscription type for your current business needs. We can also customize a plan to suit your own business needs and you can also unsubscribe at any time after joining.

Subscription mechanism

Hold a remote meeting to determine the scope of work
Sign the agreement

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Why us?

Qualified and specialized work team

Our team has high and specialized expertise, in our belief in the necessity of specialization and previous experiences

backed by technology

We use advanced technology to provide a distinctive professional service and value faster, as our specialized teams work on legal services collectively, and those services pass through a documentary cycle, automatically and quickly to specialists, and our clients are informed of the stages of work w

Our business model is results-oriented

Our business model and innovative ways of working mean that we focus on results, delivering outstanding value, reducing costs and saving more time for our customers

Presence around the clock

Al Mutawa Law Office The house provides its services around the clock and rapid and continuous response through the presence of a working team, as well as providing legal advice for any emergency.